What we’re all about: Sharetribe’s vision, mission and values

Some post-its from our brainstorming session on our values

Some post-its from our brainstorming session on our values

In 2013, we took our first attempt at defining what we do and how we’re going to do it. At that point our full-time team consisted of only two people: my co-founder Antti and myself. A lot has changed since then: our product and business model have gone through many modifications, and our team has grown to nine people. We realized that it was time to revisit the subject.

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Lunch burger at Fanny

What is the best lunch place in Helsinki? 78 restaurants reviewed

Lunch burger at Fanny In August 2014, Sharetribe offices were relocated to downtown Helsinki. One of the benefits of our new whereabouts was the huge variety of lunch joints around us. Our previous location was Startup Sauna in Otaniemi, where our options were limited to a couple of student restaurants, so it was no surprise we were excited about the change of venue. We decided to take the full advantage of our new surroundings and try out as many lunch restaurants as we could.

During fall 2014, we had a rule not to visit any restaurant twice. We would go to a new place every day, and after the lunch each team member would rate the joint. Each place got either +1 (very good, would recommend to a friend), 0 (ok, but nothing special) or -1 (would not recommend) from each eater. The final score is the average of these individual grades. Originally we planned to go to 50 different places, but after reaching the limit we realized there were many nice places nearby we hadn’t tried out, so the final number ended up being 78.

Our entire 9 person team participated in the review process. However, out of the 9, only 6 people spend their days at our Helsinki offices regularly, so most reviews are from that group. Among the six people there’s one vegetarian, one who prefers vegetarian food (but also eats meat), two home kitchen master chefs and two “normal” eaters.

The instructions for rating were to evaluate the overall experience of the restaurant: the quality of the food, the price and the atmosphere. The walking distance from our office did not officially count, but it may have had an effect to the subjective dining experience, especially on some dark and slushy November days. Personal preferences also counted a lot: for example, one team member doesn’t like sushi, so all sushi joints got -1 from him.

Since we now have this list of 78 lunch places in Helsinki reviewed and ordered by the rating they got, we thought it might be helpful also to someone else. So, we proudly present our entirely subjective ranking: the best places to eat lunch in Helsinki.

Restaurant Score Reviews Address
Deli Café Maya 1.00 7 Punavuorenkatu 3
Cafe Trocadero 1.00 6 Uudenmaankatu 2
Cafe Rouge 1.00 6 Urho Kekkosen katu 4
Mille Mozzarelle 1.00 4 Pursimiehenkatu 7a
Tortilla House Kamppi 1.00 4 Urho Kekkosen katu 1
Presto 1.00 3 Eteläesplanadi 14
Kantipur 0.80 5 Lönnrotinkatu 25
Zucchini 0.80 5 Fabianinkatu 4
Chico’s 0.75 4 Hietalahdenranta 5 C
New Bamboo Center 0.67 6 Annankatu 29
Levant 0.67 3 Bulevardi 15
Cafe Balzac 0.60 5 Iso Roobertinkatu 3-5
Pjazza 0.60 5 Yrjönkatu 18
Fanny 0.57 7 Bulevardi 40
OmNam 0.50 6 Annankatu 29 B
Kin Sushi 0.50 6 Lönnrotinkatu 2
Sumo 0.50 6 Eerikinkatu 20
Beefy Queen Jambo 0.50 4 Pieni Roobertinkatu 13
Tony’s Deli 0.50 4 Bulevardi 7
Kokomo Tikibar & Room 0.50 4 Uudenmaankatu 16-20
Putte’s Bar & Pizza 0.50 4 Kalevankatu 6
La Crêperie 0.50 2 Aleksanterinkatu 23
Villa Thai (tue-thu) 0.43 7 Bulevardi 28
Vivo’s Deli Roba 0.40 5 Iso Roobertinkatu 27
Thai Orchid 0.40 5 Lönnrotinkatu 27
Pompier 0.40 5 Albertinkatu 29
Habibi Sähkötalo 0.40 5 Malminrinne 6
Cholo 0.33 6 Lönnrotinkatu 9
Rulla 0.33 6 Yrjönkatu 30
Dong Bei Hu 0.33 6 Korkeavuorenkatu 47
La Torrefazione 0.33 3 Aleksanterinkatu 50 B
Splizzeria 0.33 3 Kaivokatu 10
Rivoletto 0.25 4 Albertinkatu 38
Skiffer 0.25 4 Erottajankatu 11
Maxill 0.25 4 Korkeavuorenkatu 4
Rafla 0.20 5 Uudenmaankatu 9
Soppakeittiö 0.17 6 Lönnrotinkatu 34
Bar 9 0.17 6 Uudenmaankatu 9
Don Corleone 0.17 6 Urho Kekkosen katu 1
Street Gastro 0.17 6 Albertinkatu 36

We also went to the following restaurants that didn’t reach the top scores (in alphabetical order):

Restaurant Address
Burger King Mannerheimintie 12
Cafe Anna Annankatu 22
Casa Italia Bulevardi 11
Dennis Kamppi Kansakoulukatu 1
Dennis Bulevardi Bulevardi 32
Eerikin pippuri Eerikinkatu 17
Factory Aleksanterinkatu 13
Farouge Yrjönkatu 6
Gastone Korkeavuorenkatu 45
Golden Leaf Fredrikinkatu 47
Hard Rock Cafe Aleksanterinkatu 21
Hesburger Kasarmitori Kasarmikatu 19
Hodari ja Hummeri Pieni Roobertinkatu 2
Kiila Kalevankatu 1
Kotipizza Annankatu 6
Koto Lönnrotinkatu 22
Krog Madame Lapinlahdenkatu 3
Kuppi ja Muffini Kalevankatu 17
Makki Makki Bulevardi 19
Manhattan Steak House Eteläesplanadi 24
Marski Bar & Restaurant Mannerheimintie 10
Maya Bar & Grill Mikonkatu 18
Mei-Lin Lönnrotinkatu 33-35
Olipa kerran Albertinkatu 34
Papa Albert Albertinkatu 30
Puro Deli Korkeavuorenkatu 27
Ristorante Italo Mannerheimintie 20
Salt & Pepper Fredrikinkatu 30
Singapore Hot Wok Urho Kekkosen katu 1
Stadin herkut Lönnrotinkatu 34
Tamarin Iso Roobertinkatu 18
Tori Punavuorenkatu 2
Tres Bones Annankatu 6
Uggla Annankatu 10
Vaelsa Annankatu 4
Vespa Eteläesplanadi 22
Wanhan Kellari ja Grilli Mannerheimintie 3
Yamato Iso Roobertinkatu 17-19

(Tip: Click the list icon on the left of the map to see the list of restaurants on the map. You can click the restaurant name to highlight it on the map.)

All in all, we learned that the Helsinki center is full of very high quality lunch restaurants and cafes. We hope you find a new lunch place from the list!

Did we miss an essential lunch place in the area? Or maybe we didn’t do justice to your favorite spot? Feel free to cast your vote in the comments!

Create your marketplace website in a minute. With payments.

New home pageSharetribe strives to be the easiest way for anyone to create their own marketplace website. Now we are ready to make that promise. Two weeks ago we launched a completely revamped sharetribe.com, where you can create your site in 60 seconds. Over 1000 people from 100 different countries have already done that. The diversity of countries underlines the importance of our other big news: the new payment system works pretty much anywhere around the world.

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Marketplace story: The Quiver helps people rent quality boards from other surfers

Rob Bonvetti of The QuiverRob Bonvetti used to have a finance job on Wall Street. But a few years back he decided it was time for something different. He wanted to do something he truly loved for a living.

Rob experienced a revelation after trying out Airbnb a couple of times. “The peer-to-peer rental model was a great experience. In my previous job I was fascinated with marketplaces and matching supply & demand, so I immediately started to think of ways the Airbnb model could be applied to other things.”

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Why peer-to-peer marketplaces fail, part 2: The focus is too broad

This is the second post of our 3 post series on why peer-to-peer marketplaces fail. Read part 1 here and part 3 here.

Focus by Mark Hunter | CC-BY license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en) (cropped)It is surprisingly often that I talk to people who have this idea of a marketplace for “sharing everything”. And it does make sense intuitively: people who share their tools are probably also likely to share their cars. And when you have built a network of trust for sharing one asset, why shouldn’t you use that for other assets too?

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Option pattern in Ruby

Have you seen this?

NoMethodError: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass

I bet you have, many times, way too many. However, it doesn’t have to be so. There’s a pattern that helps you to get rid of the errors you get when handling nil-values.

Meet Option pattern! The idea is simple: Wrap the value in a wrapper and treat nil values the same way you would treat non-nil values.

There are many existing gems that use this pattern. Also, I rolled up my own version called Possibly. In this post all the examples use the Possibly gem.

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